We’ve been in the Board Manufacturing Industry since 1988.

We are one of the established display board manufacturers & marketers since 1989 in Chennai, having more than 5000 clients all over Tamil Nadu.

We have diverse access to a wide range of commercial boards and can assist you with high quality that are functional and ergonomically designed.

Our products are widely used in Universities, Colleges, Banks, Service – Oriented Institutions and Factories, Business Establishments, Hospitals, Administrative Offices, Hotels etc., We are the legends in supplying the display boards and providing a continuous and growing professional contribution as a skilled and efficient organization catering to the latest technological demands. Under the initiative of Mr.Ramajayam & Mr.Ganesh,  It is equipped with the latest boards you can buy in Chennai.

Chennai’s Finest Board Manufacturer excelling in manufacturing White boards, Chalk boards, Podiums and more right in the heart of the city of Chennai. Blue Brothers was established in 1988 which proves the professionalism and the quality of products we provide. Contact us now and get the best quote for your board!

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White Board

White board is available only with melamine (Laminated) surface. The high gloss, hard laminate, brilliant white surface is compatible to using special marker pens for superior impression and quick to wipe off.

Chalk Board

The Green Matt hard surface is just for writing with chalk. The hard specially textured surface offers smooth use of chalk in writing & also gives a clear vision. Chalk writing feels smooth as a butter on this board.

Notice Board

Notice board or Pin up boards front portion is covered with soft velvette cloth. They are used for display of Notices. Posters and photos,etc with the help of push pins. Pin up boards are available in various attractive models & colors.

Welcome Board

These are elegant looking boards with interchangable characters. They can be used as welcome boards with majestic look for grand parties, seminars, etc. Its covered with soft velvette cloth with horizontal ribs.

Board Stands

If you don’t want to wall mount your board to the wall, we have all kinds of board stand. Easy carriable tripod stand, easy to move wheel board stand and more to make your board shifting easier, Contact us for the best prices.

Wooden Podium/Lectern

Wooden podium for the grand events, to present a project or deliver a speech. This wooden podium will be the right one for you.  With variable height and customizations, you can get the best wooden podium.

School Furniture

We manufacture all kinds of wooden tables, bench, chairs and all kind of school furniture that is required. Do you have a design or specific model in your mind? We can do it all!

Signage Boards

Signage Boards are used for displaying information. It comes in brass letters, SS letters. This signage board is done by us for IIT Madras.